La Artists is our specialty

Here at LA Artists we come from a long history of art brokers that specialize in some classic works, also with new works that come from masters with a long history of making amazing works of art.

The LA Artists currently represented by us

The Artists Dan Shupe is currently our in house artist, and he has been a figure in the artwork for over 60 years.  His Neo-Expressionist style that is reminiscent of the 1920’s.  There is the artwork of Esau Andrade, master artist in the tradition of these great Latino painters.  S Anderson is our newest edition, and she does really cool Neo-Expressionist works that tickle the senses.

Our theory on the Artworld

We come from a different view that what Socrates and Plato’s view of art as imitation,  since the modern movement in art (some of our artists played a direct role in that) the expressionistic quality is the true window into the soul.  Playing with light and color in the 20th century view is something that our team finds fascinating, and we try to find the right artists that represent that quality.

Abstract Artwork is something that we love

Weather it is the play of color that Dan Shupe uses in his artwork, or the subtle color that Raymundo Andrade to bring his expressions into life.  We feel like Abstract works of art really tap into what the definition of representing apart of ones self that otherwise might be hidden.  These are artworks that truly are special, and we hope to offer some unique items here that you might not find anywhere else.

A no pressure art buying experience

Some times you are interested in some quality art purchases that will be something that could possible last you a life time, and it can be a very special personal thing that goes far beyond just buying some product to add to your space.  We want to help facilitate you making the right decision with out making you feel uncomfortable, our main curator Susan Anderson has been in the business for over 30 years, and has helped hundreds if not thousands of artworks find good homes.  Please feel free contacting us at any time and we will be ready to answer any questions you might be having!