Raymundo Andrade

He was Born in 1961, Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico, and a Doctor in medicine and a Doctor in letters and history, Raymundo Andrade fuses a unique academic background with his art. His canvases are veiled in a delicate sense of nostalgia, and warm muted tones seem to further suspend his images in timeless reverie. His works clearly pay tribute to both the native and Spanish cultures that are such a part of Mexico’s vast cultural history. Spiritual, cultural, and natural richness and fertility are themes that pervade the themes of this artist. His works have been exhibited extensively in California, Arizona, Washington, and Mexico.

A physician, philosopher, and artist with an extensive background of exhibitions in Mexico, the U.S., and Canada.
“I don’t like making statements about my work, because I don’t paint with a concept or a story as a starting point. I start with an image, so it is sometimes difficult to put into words. They (my paintings) are images that I like, it’s like the sunset, it’s something that strikes you.”
Raymundo appears to be a man drawn to the great mysteries of the human condition. His motivations and themes lead Raymundo to follow the school of the great masters. “If I used a brighter palette, or a hyper-realistic approach, my paintings wouldn’t come across the same”